Direct flight to Kaunas

The most convenient way is to find a flight to Kaunas Airport . If you’re lucky to find one, go for it. The only thing you will be left to do is getting from the airport to the city itself.

You can find all the available flight routes to Kaunas here.

Kaunas Airport has a guide on transportation between the airport and the city. You can find it by clicking this link. The only convenient option that is not mentioned on the page is Bolt (Taxify) app which is similar to Uber. It’s probably the most convenient way of getting somewhere fast in Kaunas.


Flight to Vilnius

For most of the visitors Vilnius Airport is going to be the best choice since it offers much more routes and can be reached directly from most of the European countries.

Getting to Kaunas via Vilnius is fast, easy and cheap. A lot of trains and buses as well as shuttles run between these cities every day of week. It takes 1:15h to 2h of travel time and costs €6 to €15 depending on the transport you choose. Available transportation options are described below.

You can find all the available direct flight routes to Vilnius here.


Direct Shuttle

If you’re lucky to match your time of arrival with the departure schedule, this is the fastest way to get to Kaunas. Airport shuttle takes you directly to Kaunas in a bit more than one hour depending on traffic conditions. The only downside is that they will drop you off rather far away from the center. However, depending on where you stay in Kaunas, this might be the best option.

Trip length 1:15h
Costs €10
Departs every ~1:30h

Tickets and schedule online (English):
Tickets also sold at the airport.


The other two options involve getting to the Vilnius Central Station first. The ways of doing that are described further below.


Intercity Train

Going to Kaunas by train is usually the most comfortable and fastest way. Unfortunately during the anomaly there will be a rail construction ongoing which will most likely make this option less comfortable than it usually is. Because of the construction works the terminal stop at Kaunas is going to be temporarily relocated to the very edge of the city, however the railroad company promised a free bus taking you to the city center and its schedule aligned with the train schedule.

Note: The website only gives results if Vilnius to Kaunas is chosen, there are no direct routes from Vilnius Airport to Kaunas and the website doesn’t provide connecting routes in its results.

Trip length: 1:40h – 2:00h (includes estimated extra due to planned rail road construction works)
Costs €4.8 – €7
Departs every ~1h.
Tickets and schedule online (English):
Tickets also sold at the central station.



Intercity Bus (recommended)

This is not as comfortable as train, but the main advantage is that buses depart every 15 to 20 minutes during daytime so you basically don’t even have to check the schedule. Some bus companies only sell tickets onboard, and most of them accept both, credit/debit cards and cash, but not all of them therefore having some spare cash might save you from inconveniences during the travel.

Note: Although the website shows you the connecting routes if you try to search for routes directly from Vilnius Airport, it’s recommended to explore the options Vilnius Airport to Vilnius Central Station and Vilnius Central Station to Kaunas separately and also consider the other options for getting to Vilnius Central Station described below. This way, you will find the fastest way matching your arrival time with least waiting time.

Trip length: 1:25h – 1:40h
Costs €5 – €7
Departs: every 15 to 20 minutes
Tickets and schedule online (English):
Tickets also sold at the central station. Some bus companies only sell tickets at the central station or onboard.



Vilnius Airport to Vilnius Central Station

If you decided to go by intercity train or bus, you need to reach Vilnius Central Station first. There are multiple ways of doing that and the suitability mostly depends on your arrival time.



We strongly recommend not to use regular taxi service, especially at the airport. The reason is a very poor culture among the drivers. This option is cheap though. However, you are likely to pay 2-3 times the regular price after they sense you being a tourist. If this is the only option you have at the time, be sure the price they ask you match the one on the meter you should clearly see. If the meter is off, you are legally allowed not to pay anything and disregard the price they tell you to pay. However, the best way is to avoid using these services anywhere in Lithuania.



The fastest way to reach the central station is Uber, it will cost you €3 to €7 based on demand at the time. Takes you to the central station in less than 10 minutesduring off peak times.


Bolt (Taxify)

Another convenient way is an app similar to Uber. It’s not as known worldwide, but it’s almost as popular as Uber locally. You can find the download links on their webpage. Quality of the service and the app is not as good as Uber’s, but sometimes you can manage to get to the desired place a bit cheaper. The main advantage is this service is also available in Kaunas while Uber is not.


Mini Train

Another option is a special mini train which is somewhat fun and very cheap, it costs mere €0.70 and reaches the central station in 8 minutes. However, it only runs during daytime and its schedule might not perfectly match your arrival time. You can check the schedule on this website by selecting Vilnius Airport  to Vilnius (it refers to the central station).

Departs every 0.5h
Costs €0.7

Tickets and schedule online (English):
Daytime only.


Public Transport

The least convenient way is by bus (the only type of public transport available at the airport). The exact bus(es) you need to take really depends on the time of your arrival. The schedule and tickets are available on Trafi app (English version available) as well as on this website. This app is also very useful if you plan to spend more time in Vilnius and discover its XM sources as well. A single ticket costs €0.6 in the app or €1 onboard. Should take you around 20 minutes to get to the central station.

Note: Names of the bus stops are all in Lithuanian, so it might come in handy memorizing Oro uostas (= airport) and Stotis (= central station).

Schedule depends on the time of day
Schedule online (English):
Tickets available in app and onboard.
Credit cards are accepted in the app, cash-only onboard.